What is the best dog leash?

What is the best DOG leash?


One of the most important tools a dog owner must have is a leash. Here are recommendations that works for me as well as many of my clients:

  • Please do not use flexi leashes for dogs over 15 lbs. They are unsafe and can burn you.
  • It is so much easier to go for a controlled walk and frequently stop to let your dog sniff as compared to having a 6-foot leash that allows the dog to cross in front of you.
  • Your leash should be long enough to allow a slack when the dog is slightly ahead of you but short enough for you to control your dog around corners or objects that impede your visibility (car, trucks bushes, etc.). I do not believe that dogs need to heel on a walk, but I also do not wish to go nose to nose with another dog around the corner. Even when I use a longer leash, I tend to fold it in my hand and make it shorter.
  • Cloth leashes do not hold up well in the rain and can also burn your hand.
  • Leather leashes from pet stores sometimes can have good leather but cheap stitching. I had a handle snap in my hand, and I hurt myself because I flew backward as the dog lunged forward.

Here is the link to my most favorite leather leash. 3 feet is great for many dogs but may need to be adjusted to your and your dog’s height. The best $40 money can buy. You do need handle ring unless you are planning to attach your dog to a tie out. It is called No Nonsense, ½” leather leash.






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