Teach Your Dog DOWN Without Force

Teach your dog down without force

I have tried a multitude of different methods for teaching dogs to lie DOWN. I would like to share with you a technique that I find quite effective and it requires no force.

If you follow these 6 steps you might be able to teach your dog to lie down in just a few days.

I recommend you use a clicker at least during the first few steps of this exercise.

The video is 15 minutes long and covers the complete process from start to finish. You are welcome to study at your own speed.

Your dog will love to DOWN and will never feel it is a punishment. We create a better foundation for the future teaching of SETTLE.



Puppy training – adequate crate size for dogs and puppies

I used to be against crating a long time ago before I realized that it is a good way to teach your dog to relax. I now consider it a critical part of dog training and puppy training. Click here for an article about the need for the adequate amount of sleep in dogs.

It is important that your dog can relax in the crate; therefore it must be of a big enough size.


  • For potty trained or adult dogs, the crate must be big enough for him to sit up without bending the neck. We cannot expect the dog to lie down and remain horizontal for hours at a time.

Most crates follow the same ratio between height, width, and depth. As long as you know one dimension, you can choose a sufficient crate. Ask your dog to sit, measure him to the top of his head and add 3-5 inches.

    • When potty training or puppy training, the crate must be just big enough for the dog to lie down. We are trying to entice the dog not to go to the bathroom due to the lack of space. The best crate for this is the one that comes with a divider that you can move as the dog grows. Once the dog is potty trained, there is no need for small spaces.

  • An exception to the rule is traveling in the car. The crate can be big enough for the dog to lie down without sitting up.  There are crates that are designed specifically for vehicles. The are more narrow and tall. My favorite product is MidWest Solutions Series Side by Side Double Door SUV Dog Crate

My favorite source for crates is chewy.com